Best & Worst Dressed: 2011 SAG Awards

  • Best & Worst Dressed: 2011 SAG Awards
BEST: Kim Kardashian's purple Marchesa frock perfectly compliments her olive skin tone and dark black hair. January 30, 2011.
Source: Getty Images
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  • jess

    I don't like this dress! What's happened 2 her?

  • Noah

    So what you're saying is that you love this dress? Got it.

  • jen

    Why is she even there?

  • yana

    Ow shut up! I love the dress it's gorgeous!! It's just a weird angle :p

  • pjs411

    WTH???? Did she pay someone to put her on this best dressed list? This dress is so unflattering and cheap looking....does absolutely nothing to flatter her in style and color. Really bad choice. I am sure that she will hit most worst dressed lists...can't wait to hear what the Fashion Police have to say. Shockingly bad.

  • Rebecca

    This is hideous. She always looks trashy.