Best & Worst Dressed: 2011 SAG Awards

  • Best & Worst Dressed: 2011 SAG Awards
MEH: Dianna Agron black and blue gown almost ended up on the Best Dressed list but her harsh eye make-up and stuffy hairdo ruined the sexy frock. January 30, 2011.
Source: Getty Images
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  • Rhitma Kemala
    Rhitma Kemala

    she didn't look pretty AT ALL!

  • Jess

    she looks good, not pefect like always but i like it its not my favorite look for her but still looking hot love DA.

  • pjs411

    Holy crap! who did her make-up? She really does look like a drag queen made her up. She is so pretty, can't believe that someone didn't give her some feedback before she went out the door. I think without the nightmare makeup, that she could have gotten away with the hairdo and the dress....definitely not her best look.