Best & Worst Dressed: 2011 SAG Awards

  • Best & Worst Dressed: 2011 SAG Awards
BEST: Mila Kunis managed to outshine her award-winning 'Black Swan' co-star when she worked the red carpet in this beautiful Alexander McQueen red frock. January 30, 2011.
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  • pjs411

    Where do I begin...Alexander McQueen (RIP) was/is so overrated. I have not seen one dress that I have thought was gorgeous...even pretty & flattering. Just don't get it and him. Guess since he died that it is the "in" thing to wear his fashions....can't wait for the mourning period to be over and for his fashions to pass into history like him. Mila is so pretty and has a fantastic body but this dress dominates her with the garish, ugly print...which is a no-no....she should be wearing the dress not the dress wearing her..........