Fashion expert Art Conn says

  • Fashion expert Art Conn says
Fashion expert Art Conn says: Sorry 'Baby,' but sneakers are never appropriate for the Globes red carpet. And frankly they are a cop out. We get it. You are young.
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  • bevzsostupid

    hey i was so shocked when i first saw her on tv, its like 'hey! did you forget to brush your hair/ hahah,,'' but i dont like the sneakers and his date trainer, ew

  • weezie50

    Grow up. You think that your better than everyone else and your not

  • gio

    I'm well over 40 and find Justin is adorable. I love his raspy voice & he seems like a really sweet kid who is handling his explosion of fame very well so far. I love that he went to meet that little 4 year who was crying over him on YouTube. He held her so gently. You can tell by his body language that he's a good kid. keep it together Justin. Lotsa people out here love you and wish you the best.

  • SIN

    He was just pissed that his handlers would not let him wear the sparkly dress that he liked. Queer as a $3 dollar bill. Just let him get it over with so we can call it what it really is...Justine.

  • lila12

    He has a movie coming out thats why he was there. A movie about his concerts???...yeeaah,that still doesn´t explain why he was there

  • rsac3

    WHAT IS THIS????????

  • hgoodwin9

    You are all so negative

  • hgoodwin9

    He was there because he was presenting an award. DUH! And plus, Justin is amazing and you should be hating on him!


    What the f*ck that pussy is doing there? one day i will me get you and that will be worst day of your life :)

  • annoyed

    Did any of you actually look at this picture. Dont hate cause he's not even 20 and has more money than everyone combined on this thread. Those are just straightleg dress pants. They aren't warmups or trainers whatever. That suit pry cost more than what most of you make in a year!The tennis shoes... it's his style ...just like his hair is. When you get on that red carpet just once.. even just to be a photographer... then you can hate on those people for what they are wearing.

  • Thanvi Shafeer
    Thanvi Shafeer

    Pout it bitch

  • Justdreamin

    He has a movie coming out thats why he was there.

  • Just_Sayin

    Hey Bieber, did you find in your packet what you were looking for????? **It really looks like he is digging in his pocket. Can't really see why he was at the red carpet event/golden globe award, either.

  • Shellz

    Think It Looks Kwl He's Only a Kid he doesn't need to get all lawyer-y just for the oscars lol but trainerz are ok thats just my opinion

  • lully

    i know he was presenter but why?

  • telucky

    The style is ok but I don't understand wht he was there.

  • Iten Attallah
    Iten Attallah

    hey bieber, i would like to introduce to you my friend * COMB ?! then, i didn't understand why he was there... :

  • Sara

    trainers and sneakers 2 Oscaars???? realy??? Why r u doing this 2 me???