Fashion expert Art Conn says

  • Fashion expert Art Conn says
Fashion expert Art Conn says: The Anne Taylor'd blouse and skirt were ill-fitting and awkward.
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  • Spokn Green Eyes
    Spokn Green Eyes

    That .. thing is so weird .. and i don't mean the "dress" ... Looks like she just came out of her grave hey!

  • rsac3

    is this a dragqueen????

  • Bosslady

    That .. thing is so weird .. and i don't mean the "dress" ... AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WELL PUT

  • Maria

    Oh come on!

  • barbeo

    for a fancy dress party is good to me, she is a perfect nun!!!

  • June

    Sharon Stone pulled off the Gap men's shirt and a lavender Vera Wang skirt, but if Tilda's trying to copy that style, she doesn't approach anything attractive or unique.

  • dmlesica

    I can’t believe that someone actually designed that dress. Are you sure she didn’t find it in a clearance rack at a thrift store? This is the most hideous thing I have ever seen. This is just as bad as the garbage bags she wore as a gown at another awards show. What is this person thinking? Every woman wants to look her best, but I guess this person dances to a different drummer. I have to say bluntly I hate this dress, I wouldn’t wear it to clean my home, because someone might see me and then I would be embarrassed. Come on get a different person to dress you Tilda, because you look awful!!!!

  • Loya Erma
    Loya Erma

    I agree with Shellz, LMAO!!

  • kpc

    Did you see how Pacino looked/avoided her when took his Globe from her?! She looked like a sheet on a clothesline.

  • Christina


  • Myra G Nwoye
    Myra G Nwoye

    she needs Fashion Police...lmao

  • Mimi Lago
    Mimi Lago

    Two thumbs down...

  • Cindy

    u have 2 b kidding me!!!

  • Denise Rivera
    Denise Rivera

    can't explain!

  • Just?Sayin

    The skirt/shirt/dress is really weird. Also a little more color would have done her more justice. She is so pale and her hair so light, she lookes washed out. Sorry Tilda.

  • Shellz

    Wow looks like she stole a white shirt of a lawyer ,rolled herself in some nasty yellow-y curtains and stole some little kids pink shoes...Lol:)

  • rynie

    wth...n who is this..?? does he want to be a woman..??? haha.. the worst dressed..haha..

  • maryamcullen

    what hell she's wearing??????????????

  • telucky

    Hum... I just wanna ask... Is that even a dress?

  • Jenae 'Dahl' Soller
    Jenae 'Dahl' Soller

    Oh wow....yuck!

  • anotherperson

    uhhh wtf sorry who is this a guy or gal? :S

  • Mélanie Richard
    Mélanie Richard

    Why not ? lol