Best and Worst Dressed at the People's Choice Awards

  • Best and Worst Dressed at the People's Choice Awards
And the winner is... Minka Kelly! She gets it. Hands down. Unconventional. Unique. And sexy. I know I will get hell for this, but I love the quirkiness of this dress.
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  • Anonymous

    Ah! Thats a winner most definataly. She should do more Movies and TV Shows. Love Minka!!

  • ashley

    i didn't care too much for her look. she kind of looks messy. some star can pull off messy hair do's with a cute dress like ashley tisdale at the hairspray premiere and still look awesome but her, no way!

  • Colin

    Ew, the dress is mostly nice, but the oddly angled straps, fugly shoes, tacky clutch, and messy hair make her look like she's stumbling out of the club.

  • Rhitma Kemala
    Rhitma Kemala

    So Pretty.

  • sara

    Her shoes look too clunky for such a light, floaty dress. The dress and makeup are very pretty, though.

  • Me

    I love it. She looks natural and sweet and sexy