Best and Worst Dressed at the People's Choice Awards

  • Best and Worst Dressed at the People's Choice Awards
Taylor Swift: It was only a matter of time before she went nude!!! Always chic, simple and tasteful. Just the right color on the lip to pop on the carpet. This color will be huge for Spring.
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  • Stephanie

    stop with the red lip stick already,enough with that.

  • ashley

    her dress doesn't show off her skin color. it's too boring. she needs to go for something more bright. she's so pale and ti clashes with the dress. he lips, boring. her hair, same old same old. all i can say is bland which is a BLAH for me

  • alexa

    ugh I'm sick of everyone saying celebs are beautiful when there not! and this is so boring. Her hair is also the same like doesnt her hair dresser know how to do other hair styles? and she looks ugly

  • maryamcullen

    she looks beautiful!!

  • DreamGirlxx

    The dress is nice, personally I would love to wear it... It's just she's so pale and well,dull and boring (sorry I really hate dissing people...I'm totes against it usually but...) Everything is so plain... Maybe if she had more boobage she could carry it off and darker skin and hair ya know what just give me the dress!!!=)

  • sara

    Ugly shoes, too.

  • sara

    I'm pretty sure this is the same dress that Natalie Portman wore for her recent Vogue cover. It's an interesting color, but I think the cut of the dress is just strange. It sort of makes everyone look lopsided. I don't think that fashions have to always be perfectly symmetrical to look good, but this dress is just not-quite-right.

  • alex

    I think she looks cute, but somehow she always looks the same...