Best and Worst Dressed at the People's Choice Awards

  • Best and Worst Dressed at the People's Choice Awards
Selena Gomez: Selena is the new Selena. It's a bit prom-y for me with the side ruffles and side hair curls but the shape and length of the dress are spot on.
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  • Anonymous

    She had to have second after Minka Kelly! Both are...whats the word..... PERFECT!!! Love Sel and Minka.

  • Stephanie

    The dress is plain, the tan is to much, and the make-up looks caked on other that good job.

  • stephie

    that dress would be so sexy if it weren't for the excess material/ ruffle

  • adrianas

    People think this dress is nice? It's horrible! and she sucks plus she looks ugly in this picture. THe dress looks like it's from the 80s

  • sara

    I hate the ruffle, but the cut and length of the dress are very flattering.

  • DreamGirlxx

    Her dress in really nice and I like everything from the chin down (@ star3* she is too thin =/, looks like a lollipop but it kinda suits the dress!)... It's just her face isn't that pretty... If she was a regular girl like your friend in school or something you'd be like she's cute but not as STUNNING as people make her out to be... I'm not hating she's got a career and I'm just a student but she's like hundreds of times richer than me but not a hundred times prettier sorry =(xxx

  • Bhabie Niel
    Bhabie Niel

    oh shes cute in that cute dress whooho!!!!jelena rocks!!

  • star3*

    uhhh is it me or she lost weight

  • Andreea

    Her fake tann sucks!!!

  • Marrie

    she looks ugly with that tan but I must admit that the dress was cute.

  • Pinja Hukari
    Pinja Hukari

    Her legs look too tanned but i think it's because of the lighting. She's the most beautiful woman ever!

  • Isis

    TOO much taned, in my opinion, but the dress looks good

  • Rafaela

    Love! Love! I want this dress!

  • Walter

    i love selena present style

  • LOL

    More importantly i love selena!