Heidi Montag in Costa Rica

  • Heidi Montag in Costa Rica
Heidi Montag in Costa Rica.
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  • jen

    best bikini body my ass

  • itsbroooker

    That is one FAKE body. It's stupid to promote it.

  • lo.

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME ? best bikini body of 2010 and heidi montag just don't go together. her body is disgusting, it really is. she doesn't have any proportions. shes a skeleton with two watermelons plastered to her bony chest. i heard she wanted to reduce them because she suffers back pain now. good idea, heidi. very good idea. not only should you reduce them boobies of yours, but you should also seek professional help. i really think she has issues and so does spencer.

  • lovey

    big fake boobs like that just look ridiculous...it never ceases to amaze me how so many people have come to think this looks good...it is absolutely ridiculous to buy 2 fake watermelons and put them on your chest...i dont mind this girl but this trend is crazy

  • bhoffman6

    OMG! What is wrong with her nose?!?!?!?!

  • karaliana

    She was the goddess, if any on earth!

  • Nicole

    What? Are you kidding me? This can't be in the folder ''best bikini body'' like ever, just because it's not even hers body... Eww, gonna blow out my lunch ://

  • barbara02

    That's a very beautiful bikini body, though I don't like her very much, I have to admmit she has an amazing body, made by plastics surgeries, but, it's beautiful anyway...