Kim Kardashian catches some rays

  • Kim Kardashian catches some rays
Kim Kardashian catches some rays.
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  • Grace Diana Lim
    Grace Diana Lim

    kim has had a boob job in the recent years.

  • asseater

    I would eat the dingleberries out of her smoking ass

  • I know
    I know

    How old is this girl? 20 something? She looks way older. Not gonna age well at all. I mean she can only get bigger from now on...and she's already at her peak. Only gonna go downhill from now.

  • psychokittyd

    her butt is not real. nobodys butt is that huge naturally without having any stretchmarks or cellulite and nobodys butt is naturally that circular, like a beach ball. im not hating, i just know because i have a huge ass and so does my mom, and so i have first hand experience. LOL

  • Nicole

    Agree... Very feminine, curvy but fit :)

  • hearts

    I LOVE Kim Kardashian's body! She has big boobs(that are real) a big butt (which is also real) but an ity bity waistline. What else could you want?

  • barbara02

    Kim is gorgeous! She has an amazaing rocking body!