Olivia Wilde rides the waves

  • Olivia Wilde rides the waves
Olivia Wilde rides the waves.
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  • sf

    Nice bikini bod! - Wow this should go down in history. You actually said something nice about a slim person! NO WAY!!

  • annabannana56

    She stars on ''House''. How could you not like that? I'm crazy about the show.

  • psychokittyd

    well not extremely rude, maybe its fact, but i don't like when ppl judge ppl by body parts. unless they're fake. lol

  • psychokittyd

    [quote=i heart giant tits]no tits its not like she can help it. its not like ppl CHOOSE to grow small tits and be subject to criticism and ridicule all the time for a part of their body they can't control. and ppl who have them don't always want to have to be judged and made fun of and get told they need to change themselves to be attractive. so thats extremely rude.

  • i heart giant tits
    i heart giant tits

    no tits

  • barbara02

    Nice bikini bod!