Best Celebrity Bikinis of 2012 So Far

  • Best Celebrity Bikinis of 2012 So Far
Taylor Swift and friends soak up the sun at Cottesloe Beach in Perth, Australia on March 1, 2012. Taylor looked fit and chic in her 1950s-inspired striped bikini.
Source: FameFlynet
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  • dave1001

    Taylor has small tits but she still gives me a huge boner. I love her long legs and big feet.

  • mileyismylife

    Taylor is beyond stunning, her body is actually amazing.

  • Davenport

    haha dave1001 you sad bastard

  • dave1001

    Her ass probably tastes good too no doubt. Would love to lick her asshole.

  • joy

    she dont haveboobs

  • Gracie Isles
    Gracie Isles

    She actually is just fit, think about the amount of exercise she gets in each concert!

  • Alicia Weber
    Alicia Weber

    Yeah I'm not exactly sure why super skinny means they're fit. To me that means they need to go eat.

  • Hannah Nothard
    Hannah Nothard

    shes beautiful but dont know about her funny face

  • justaguy

    I'm sure it does!

  • Matt-and Jamie Childress
    Matt-and Jamie Childress

    fit?? is that what we call it now, when u can see EVERY bone in her chest. GROSS! shes ugly and nasty pale.

  • Davenport

    I bet her crotch tastes good