Miley Cyrus Grammy Cleavage

  • Miley Cyrus Grammy Cleavage
Miley Cyrus at the 2011 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on February 13, 2011. Getty Images
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  • LOU

    she will be the next Lindsay

  • Anne

    are you seriously pissed because she changes her hair ? why does it buggs you it HER hair HER life . shes not doing anything to you . if she wants to change it the let her change her hair . she didnt mean to hurt you she just anted a different look GIVE HER A BREAK !

  • Anne

    why all the hate? she didnt do anything to you seriously give this girl a break ! she looked really good and she is on my best dressed list

  • barbara02

    Meet the Beaver!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!

  • mimi

    what cleavage?

  • dafish11

    OMG...GUH it bugs me soooo muchh!! she changes her hair every month!!! watch next pic you see of her its guna be different

  • jessica

    she def was not best dressed, she looked like she threw on a plastic bag. but her hair and makeup were nice, and she fixed her teeth :)

  • sophia

    i think miley is the best dressed