Amanda Seyfried Well didn t

  • Amanda Seyfried  Well didn t
Amanda Seyfried: Well didn't Armani Prive just create the most elegant way to sneak an army full of munchkins into the show?
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  • ashleynessafan

    She looks elegant but so pale, and the dress washes out the color of her skin. Sorry, not a fan!

  • irislush

    Amanda look cool in the dress.

  • parvatiful

    this one i like. it's kind of floaty and dreamy - foamy actually. fairytaleish.

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    But I love the dress !!

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    It's little too much for actress that wasn't even nominated :D

  • Ashely

    Pretty much the same f'in thing J'Lo wore....

  • zoey

    this dress is fabulus!! and it fits her very much! love it!

  • kathy

    Beautiful fabric - Not crazy about the bodice, would have liked to have seen a little more of her actual bust line - love the fluffy skirt - You don't have to go to a ball to have one!

  • bea

    amanda is so beautiful. i just didn't love this "princessy" look. it's far too poofy. everyone loved it but i just didn't think it was a true wow moment.

  • Marianne

    This is my second fave dress of the night! She looked stunning!

  • sheriajoi

    i think she looked so cute

  • Britney S
    Britney S

    The color washes her out and the style is too prom-y for my taste. She's young- definitely could have worn something more fun

  • sidra

    I personally am not into ballroom gowns unless your going to a ballroom dance

  • karen

    i dont like her look.. seems like she's going to hav her sweet sixteen lol

  • Lucy

    She looks like she's wearing bubble wrap until you zoom in.

  • lila

    i dont like the upper cut to the dress...makes to colour go on forever

  • sema4

    I can't bear that breast-flattening bodice. Didn't like it in the 16th century, dont like it now .

  • Lori Anne Brown
    Lori Anne Brown

    I love this one - seems like a very unique texture and really looks gorgeous in pics and on stage.