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Anna Kendrick: We won't say she could use a tan, but it sure wouldn't hurt in this Elie Saab creation.
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  • 12alice12

    I love her and she looks so cute in that dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ashleynessafan

    The dress really washes out the color of her skin, which is why I think it'd be better if the dress was a different color.

  • mai ah
    mai ah

    I dont like it. It doesnt complement her skin tone it looks like a night gown which is sad bcz she is so beautiful

  • m

    Beautiful color, beautiful dress. And very fashionable. Go Anna!

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    My favourite dress !!!!!! I was waiting for her through whole list :D:D:D

  • PanaWana González
    PanaWana González

    I didn't like the colour of the dress, but the dress is amazing, she is gorgeous

  • Kathy

    Would have been better in a brighter color - maybe even a richer pink - did not like the lace around her legs at all - needs a little sparkle - maybe wee diamond headband...earrings

  • Kathy

    Would have looked better in a brighter color - maybe a richer pick - and lose the lace along her legs - yuck - dainty diamonds would have worked as well - even a little diamond headband - needs just a little sparkle.

  • bea

    stunning. perfection all round. this color is insane on her amazing skin. might just be my favorite!

  • ifedan

    the dress blends in with her skin too much and the bottom looks like drapes!

  • Sidra

    I think she's been listening :)

  • Bebe

    Wow I like this

  • Fagur

    I would have chosen a different colour, but the dress itself is truly amazing and Anna looks just gorgeous

  • sophie1986

    I'm sorry, we don't have your sheep.

  • soapstef

    It's odd that this picture is way better than what I saw on the red carpet!

  • lyrazim

    She's my favorite dressed person at the Oscars.. by far. She looks ethereal. I actually think her pale skin looks really good with the dress tone.

  • Lori Anne Brown
    Lori Anne Brown

    Pretty dress, but it really washes out a lot on camera. Would have loved it in a different color.

  • naturell


  • Claudia Duarte
    Claudia Duarte