Demi Moore Check out Demi

  • Demi Moore  Check out Demi
Demi Moore: Check out Demi, looking like she belongs with a 30 year old fox.
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  • ashleynessafan

    The color of the dress is like the same color of her skintone. I think id the dress was a different color it'd be better. =)

  • Dymon

    IS this Demi Moore, looks like someone else.

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    LOVE IT !!!!!!

  • Helly

    Gosh... this is what I call divine dress! Demi looks adorable! Love it!!!

  • kathy

    I did not recognize her - she looks as though she has had palstic surgery that has altered her original nose and eyes - the dress was too orangy for me and she was one long orangy stick.

  • guest

    I thought she totally stole the show in this dress. BEST dressed of the night. She can rock this look, very nice.

  • bea

    i love demi and i love this color but i almost think it would have worked better on porcelain skin... although maybe some serious statement earrings with a colored gemstone would have made this pop a bit for me. still stunning...

  • Miranda

    I hope and pray I look even half this good when I am her age. Or even now... the color was great with her skin tone and hair color too.

  • sheriajoi

    DEMI looks so good and sexy she showed all those young girls up . . . luv it :)

  • sidra

    I really did like this. Great Job!

  • sylvia

    This dress is so much fun gives her a youthful look but would have loved to see it in a color like pink, red or purple.The color washes her out.

  • Britney S
    Britney S

    I think she looks absolutely incredible- beautiful, sexy, classy, fun.

  • EvolutionVintage

    AMAZING. Love Demi, Love Versace. She needed a necklace or better "statement" earrings. Flesh/blush tones seem to be popular on this red carpet. She looked good! something else could have been done with her hair!

  • VLD

    This is AWFUL - cannot believe you put this on your best dressed list. She looks like an overgrown, fringe-y apricot.

  • LH

    She looks too skinny, and though still looks very pretty is starting to look rather "fake". The dress fits well and is very lovely. She doesn't really look the original Demi to me anymore, it's a bit odd to behold.

  • Lori Anne Brown
    Lori Anne Brown

    Love the dress, but it blends in so much with her skintone - think I would have loved it in a different color.