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Sarah Jessica Parker: Wow, SJP. We would just like to award you with Celebuzz's highly-esteemed, best dressed of the night award, obviously the grandest honor of the night. Look at you in your Chanel Couture!
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  • Ariel Wong
    Ariel Wong

    very different...special...strange...

  • ashleynessafan

    Hate the dress. And her hair is going all over the place. Not a fan of SJP in this Chanel Couture.

  • maiash

    This is soooooo awful the dress looks terrible the hair is desaster how on earth could she be best dressed!!!

  • Shilpa

    I hate the dress actually.

  • littlemissvixen

    I can't believe that this is on your best dressed list! It was one of my least favourite dresses of the evening.

  • misha4itwaskewl

    you know what's funnyi think theyp ut her on the worst dressed list too

  • parvatiful

    i can't belive you put this among best dressed...and according to the comments, i am not alone in my shock. this dress is discusting (and so is she while we're at it - along with her hair). if this isn't readymade for the worst dressed list i' nothing, becuse there is no need - it just is.

  • Dymon

    I think its time to get a whole new panel of FASHION POLICE. This dress is horrible. The color makes her look like a potatoe chip. She should be leading the worst dressed list. smdh

  • Becks

    Ugly dress, bad hair, HORRIBLE makeup. Her eyes look tiny with all that black eyeliner. Any makeup artist worth their salt should have given her a subtle cat eye to make them look bigger. Sheesh.

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    I like the top but it's ugly :D

  • millie


  • Victoria

    The dress was WHOMP WHOMP! I don't know who picked this out but they need to be fired.And her hands look God awful!

  • beyna

    wtf with her hair?

  • zoey

    she looks like a banana

  • mollyw

    I don't like it.

  • Kathy

    The Design of this Dress is one of Audrey Hepburn's in Breakfast at Tiffany's except hers was in black and white and looked much richer, classier and just better than this mess. Also Audrey had the figure and STATURE to pull it off. JSP is too tiny and anyway the colors of this gown are awful!!

  • roeschs3

    Shes gorgeous but that dress just makes her look like a flat board. oh well. i wont look good in it either so who am i to judge.

  • Jamie

    TOGA PARTY anyone??!!! lol, this is one of my WORST dressed!

  • Sherie

    She looked amazing. Loved the dress and the hair. She can wear anything and look fab!

  • vee810

    dont really like the dress.. and her hair. omg it looked like if she did her hair a night before and didnt fix it.. look at how the lady in the back is looking at her messy hair

  • tonya

    bad so bad!!!!

  • bynsky

    HOW can this be on the Best Dressed list??? When she was presenting, I commented to my husband that it looked like she had a quickie in the bathroom before hand as her hair was all messed up. Plus, she kept pulling on the "scarf thing" as if it was choking her. SO not attractive! She should know better style than this!

  • sweet7guy

    that looks like a princess costume

  • fashioncritical

    RUK?? Love the expression of the woman to the left of SJP in this pic - just about says it all - "what was she thinking"???

  • guest

    loved it

  • arianna

    UMM khloe kardashian you have no taste this look is AWFUL.

  • ifedan

    the dress looks too frumpy

  • BrittAnne_88

    Not a good look! hated It...well on her but Luv Jessica Parker

  • Marianne

    How can you include her in the best Dressed. This was my WORST Of the night!

  • Alexandriaa

    i really like this dress on SJP, she is known for taking her fashion risks and i aplaud her for this one in particular.

  • Sill

    is this a joke, right? she looks horrible, puaj, the worst dressed i'd say.

  • aewilms

    "Don't Get Mad! Get Glad" pops into my head.

  • Britney S
    Britney S

    The dress is super cool but not right for SJP; she's too little! Also her frizzy hair has to disqualify her from any sort of best dressed award...

  • myra

    Bad really bad

  • SheriJoi

    i luv luv luv u SJP but i didnnt like this dress at all or the hair!!!! But i think there was wind or something up there b/c jLo's hair was a mess when she came out 2 :)

  • sidra

    I like the dress but I think on someone like SJP that it could have been more form fitting to her body

  • Maria

    i agree .... :) SJP is sou gorgeos!!

  • S

    Yuck!!!! Loved her hair though...

  • EvolutionVintage

    I LOVED IT! Chanel is FAB and so is SJP ... nothing red carpet generic here! XO (was not a fan of the spray tan - but loved the dress)

  • VLD

    Worst dressed of the night. Celebuzz really missed it here! She looks like her own grandmother Miami Beach grandmother who fell in the Fountainbleu bathroom and accidentally grabbed the shower curtain around her so she looked dressed when the ambulance got there. Awful! Awful! Awful!

  • LH

    I can't even figure out what is going on here....toga?

  • MJ

    This is hideous. It looks like a satin bed pillow with a breast plate and a noose. The hair makes her look like she rode on the back of a motorcycle without a helmet on the way there and didn't have time to neaten up. Whoever voted this #1? NO!! No no no no.

  • jeni

    Sally Jessica's dress was hideous - how did it ever make it to this side of the equation. Even she tugged at that band around her neck. The back was ghastly. The 'best' really is in the eyes of the beholder. Of course I meant Sarah Jessica!

  • jeni

    Sally Jessica's dress was hideous - how did it ever make it to this side of the equation. Even she tugged at that band around her neck. The back was ghastly. The 'best' really is in the eyes of the beholder.

  • Daniela Uribe
    Daniela Uribe

    no encuentro para nada lindo este vestido. No tiene forma, no tiene nada.

  • Vanda

    realmente esta muito esquesito aparece que ela esta a esconder a barriga com esse vestido tão largo

  • Paul Bunion
    Paul Bunion

    Terrific side-eye from the woman on her right.

  • XTINE528


  • dazie

    Blech. She looks older than she is, and that dress looks like something you'd get at a fancy hotel to wear when you get out of the shower.

  • holle

    this one deserves a comment - plz, oh please someone help that woman out of her depression! undone hair, unmanicured hands, terrible choice of clothing and accessories... she's sick! it's the only possible explanation! even mrs host commitee over there did a better job! so, shall we start a new campaign to get sarah j parker to the doc?

  • Blah

    are they being sarcastic here?! she looks TERRIBLE, like a shiny sack

  • Gavalda

    Darn laptop keys are too close to one another ! so above mjuch should be MUCH...!!!

  • Gavalda

    I so mjuch agree with the person that mentioned her granny looking and unmanicured hands....OMG ! and just one subtil bracelet would have been sufficient!

  • jen


  • Lori Anne Brown
    Lori Anne Brown

    I HATE this dress. It really looks like she wrapped a sheet around herself when she got out of the shower. Not flattering at all and hate the silver roses or whatever they are.

  • Jools

    Didn't like this dress...maybe the column was a good look for her since she's so short, but the neck band was unattractive. Glad to see others noticed her hair...Either go with the frizz or go slick, but slick with frizz don't work, doll.

  • sasha

    p.s. She has to get rid of that raccoon 1970s eyeliner. NOW. If I can do it, SHE can do it!!!

  • sasha

    This is a yellow mess and what is with that nasty gray stuff at the top? Didn't she have a time to at least get some Lee Press-On Nails? With gnarly old hands like that I wouldn't be drawing attention to them with 400 bracelets and that godawful ring. She is in the Wrong Group!!!!

  • Gavalda

    Actually I think Sarah-Jessica Parker looked like she was wearing a designer patato bag!!!! Not flattering at all, made her look very skinny, curveless and it seemed as though the ribbon covering her colarbone was choking her. Plus the silvery ornament did not help any....just an odd looking dress !!!! She should always wear dresses that don't accentuate her bones but flatters her curves!

  • the fabulous
    the fabulous

    I think this is awful, and yes, that hair is a shameful mess!!! Look at the woman to her left, she looks like she's ready to open a can of whoop a** all over SJP!

  • Annette Flores
    Annette Flores

    Disagree... no figure at all, and did you see the hair on stage? ... very questionable to me...