Best Dressed at 2012 SAG Awards

  • Best Dressed at 2012 SAG Awards
Newcomer Shailene Woodley showed her young, fun side with this bright and floral patterned gown.
Best Dressed at 2012 SAG Awards
Source: Getty Images
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  • luvlyhoneybabe

    EEEEK!! hideous dress I must say.

  • sin

    Ugly!!!. What did she do to a judge to be put on the Best list?

  • Leann

    Look up the word "adjective" in the dictionary, then learn some new ones. Also might want to consider learning how to spell.

  • Taylor

    TAKE THIS DOWN IMMEDIATELY YOU SHOULD BE SUED FOR CALLING THIS WELL DRESSED. Who on Earth would consider wearing this in public? My cat has better fashion sense then this.

  • Janet Kaplan
    Janet Kaplan

    why don't these folks have someone they know to take a picture of them especially outside before they buy these dresses .

  • Marianne

    OH GOD NO! You think Lea is the worst dresses and yet you picked Shailene for Best Dressed? OMG just NO!

  • jj92

    OMG horrible!

  • Sarah Jane Lim
    Sarah Jane Lim

    why is this here?

  • linda

    totally agree, how can this even be on the best dressed!! all of the worst dressed nominees look better than this!! ridiculous judging!!

  • adfm

    hey grandma

  • courtneybaaaby

    are you fucken serious, that is the fucking ugliest dress ever, i swear i saw that the salvos..

  • Aracely Pradinett
    Aracely Pradinett lea should be best dress not shailene

  • Aracely Pradinett
    Aracely Pradinett

    this is best dress!! omg you're insane Lea should be here

  • arco

    really best dressed?

  • Ale

    Hell no

  • Erika

    This looks like she is going to a Hawaiian luau or something. Although it was a risk which I like to see, I don't think it worked out very well for her.

  • CrazyPixieLady

    THeee most augliest dress .. my eyes hurts >.<