Best Dressed at the 2011 Grammy Awards Justin Bieber

  • Best Dressed at the 2011 Grammy Awards Justin Bieber
Fashion expert Art Conn says: Respectful, classy, and playful. A white tux and white sneakers? Never say never....
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  • Jenn

    looks like he should be selling KFC

  • justin bieber luver
    justin bieber luver

    sooooo..... cute i love you justin 4-ever never say never love ur movie the best movie ever even my mom like it!!!=]

  • RCK

    Too much white.. reminds me of an ice cream man.

  • sweetmelody

    Well, I have nothing bad to say about him but sneakers with white trousers? No.

  • sweetmelody

    Totally agree!

  • aj

    sexy??? not a word I would think of when thinking of JB - maybe cute but not sexy!!! Now Adam Lambert - thats sexiness!!!!!

  • Scorp

    this outfit would've been second best next to Adam Lambert if only it was the right size and not worn with sneakers.

  • Lorenna López
    Lorenna López

    the most handsome and best dressed always my JB

  • cass

    wow pure sexiness