Best Dressed at the 2011 Grammy Awards Kim Kardashian

  • Best Dressed at the 2011 Grammy Awards Kim Kardashian
Fashion expert Art Conn says: A golden goddess. Her Kaufman Franco dress was a stunner and could have easily looked cheap but instead looked extraordinary. The fit was perfection and the entire look was exquisite.
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  • noar

    shes a model smart one? and shes amazing

  • Tanya

    J.Lo did this 10 years ago, and looked a lot better.

  • RCK

    I like her dress.

  • sweetmelody

    Well, here for all the people who are not respecting each other oppinions: You don't have to agree with everybody else, ok? If they have a different oppinion from you, just respect and give yours without hurting anyone's feelings ok? For example: I don't like her and the dress. But I respect all of your oppinions, ok?

  • Mandy

    She isnt famous for being famous ! Her father was one of the most respected lawyers in Cali. && she has done a ton of stuff to make herself famous. && she is NOT fat ! She has had NO surgeries (unlike 95% of celebs) ! Sounds to me like yall are just jealous of her ! which is sad cus most people are && they talk sh*t about her that aint true cus of it !

  • Scorp

    I agree that she's famous for being famous which many people sadly are nowadays but I think this dress is very pretty and I don't think she's fat at all. Big booty sure, either a case of plastic surgery or big booty genetics but she's not fat.

  • littlemisslyv

    dont u guys think she kinda stole jlo looks? their dress are fvkin similar

  • goldensinny

    she looks fat and completely overdone.

  • dafish11

    i dont get why shes even here......SHE DOESNT SING OR ACT shes famous for being famous and its stupid

  • irmacity

    beautiful cute

  • Lola Bukkie Idowu
    Lola Bukkie Idowu

    U look fab, love u kim!!!!

  • flowercitta

    Perfect Dress!!