Best Dressed at the 2011 Grammy Awards Nicki Minaj

  • Best Dressed at the 2011 Grammy Awards Nicki Minaj
Fashion expert Art Conn says: Never ask this leopard to change her spots. Over the top, and a bit wacky but isn't that what the Grammy's are all about? I love it when a girl matches her weave to her dress (and her stockings, and her shoes, and her gloves..)
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  • justin bieber luver
    justin bieber luver

    its an okay dress but she always had her hands in her pocket but she looked awesome as usually

  • Vin's

    i think she should wear that costume in a carnaval

  • RCK

    This is way to weird to wear to a formal event like the grammies.... Then again, gaga came in that egg, so, this is probably a downgrade from that. XD

  • sweetmelody

    No xD Yes, the dress is creative but I think she doesn't look as sexy as she use to on it!

  • Scorp

    When she came out on stage I just said "Oh My gawd! Dude come in here and look at this". What an abomination anyone who thinks that's stylish needs to be shot, Her hair dresser and designer should be the first ones. She's so classless and unfortunately I know quite a few very young girls who look up to her. If you don't know who she is and think I'm being mean google her before trying to convince me she has an ounce of class.

  • kay

    me 2

  • Kelli

    The dress by ITSELF is cute ! Its creative, I liked it !!

  • SheSaidSheFailZ

    OMG this is best?!!! Seriously needs to get their eyes checked!

  • irinaniko

    Original and mysterious YES but BEST - definitely NO!!!

  • BJ

    HORRIBLE!!! Someone is BLIND to think this is Best????

  • shuggar

    you got to be kidding. Worst Yes!!!

  • Janey

    BEST? NOO, WHAT FASHION EXPERT ARE YOU? OK , maybe miley doesn't usually dress well, but this time she wore a nice dress....and she's not there, but nicki is? YOU SUCK MISTER ART CON, OR WHAT IS YOUR NAME...

  • flowercitta

    Best?????? OMG