Best Dressed at the 2011 Grammy Awards Adam Lambert

  • Best Dressed at the 2011 Grammy Awards Adam Lambert
Fashion expert Art Conn says: What a sexy man! His suit's flashy lapel made him glam but his open shirt and necklaces kept him masculine. It was understated and unexpected for him which is why it worked so well.
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  • RCK

    Love his style!

  • sweetmelody

    He looks amazingly hot!

  • aj

    Hot Damn!!! Can this man get any hotter. Amazing voice, Amazing Person & Amazingly Gorgeous!!! I'm guessing it won't be long before these award shows wake up to themselves & are begging him to perform & present. Adam = 100% CLASS

  • Mandy

    there is NO WAY that he looked better than J.Lo ! yall have seriously bumped your heads ! You werent there .. they dont show everything .. so you really cant comment on what happend !

  • tess4ADAM

    If not for Barbra .. the opening ladies tribute to Aretha .. Muse .. Mick Jagger .. and the anticipation of a GLIMPSE of ADAM seated in the audience ... I would have skipped the Grammys just like all the other boring award shows this season. Who do they think they're kidding ... Bruno Mars over ADAM & MJ? Lady Antebellum ... Miranda Lambert? Isn't there a separate CMA awards show for them? Same for jazz & alternative ... I sat through three hours of those types of awards waiting for the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance Grammy to be announced & I would like to suggest that the country category should have been pre-telecast & the pop category should have been telecast!! Kinda messed up ... IMO

  • Scorp

    Wow I'm so thrilled to see nothing but positive comments ahead of mine. usually everywhere I go there's at least 15% of the people gay bashing. We didn't watch any of the pre-awards stuff so we missed Adam entirely and he's the only reason we sat through that 3 hour sh*t show. I can't believe they didn't hand out the second award until like 58 minutes into the show, Just awful performance after awful performance.

  • DANA Martin
    DANA Martin


  • Jet

    Definitely HOT!!! Most gorgeous man on the carpet, but his voice is even better. Guess that is why he didn't get to perform - LOL!

  • Melissa

    Oh you must have missed JLo and Marc A talking to Adam before he finally turned around to wait his turn when Miley. He was all animated chatting with them, then he and JLo did this funny thing where it looked like they were both striking poses at each other. I only saw it live, I don't think anyone's put it on youtube yet. But there was no snub, srsly.

  • Margaret Tombs
    Margaret Tombs

    [img] GUY2-91_64.jpg[/img]

  • Margaret Tombs
    Margaret Tombs

    I think you're right, the whole industry is afraid that if more people know about Adam and what a truly live vocal performance should sound like, many of their fake 'Stars' will be exposed as talentless and people won't buy them anymore.

  • Darla

    It's a good look. Formal yet the beads, sheer open shirt give it that rock and roll edge.

  • Afriglam

    A performance by Adam would have rendered every other performance 'forgettable' and that is probably why he was not asked to perform. Why can't people just enjoy this phenomenal singer without feeling threatened. I suppose being gorgeous with a stunning personality and incomparable style does not help Adam's cause. Fortunately, it will take much more to break Adam's spirit. He has depth and is comfortable in his own skin with no issues.



  • Sana

    He is a fashion icon for men. And yes, he should have been given a performance spot--after all he had a nomination and they didn't even let him present. Don't get it. Would have been flawless vocals.

  • sizzling

    He literally blew everybody away on the red carpet. Let's see what happens when he actually gets a chance to perform!!!!

  • Sharon Morrow
    Sharon Morrow

    now THAT is how you werk it!!!!! there is no one on that carpet,or ,in fact ,hollywood, today who has that look, that charisma, that confidence, that talent, that personality,and the love of fashion that adam has. add to that the love of untold numbers of passionate fans and you have the whole package. watch out world, here he comes!

  • sizzling

    I don't know how many times I have said this before, but this was Adam's hottest look ever!!! How does he do it? He must be a happy man right now.

  • Jet

    Adam looked AMAZINGLY SEXY!! How is it that he did not win best male vocal artist???

  • Jill

    Just . . . slurrpp!

  • windyjocelyne

    I would like to say he is gorgeous lol and he is so amazing in and out sorry for my mistake lolll Congradulations Adam!!!You deserved it baby!

  • windyjocelyne

    Mr.Conn I completly agree to you Adam Lambert are the most man best dress on Red Carpet for the Grammy's Award last night. He's gorgeous and his so amazing in and on too. We love you Adam and many peoples think you are the man who know's how you need to put on your beautiful amazing body baby!

  • wifeandkids

    JLo knew he looked better than her. I loved this outfit on Adam!!! Gorgeous!!

  • Millie

    Best dressed man of the night. No contest!

  • LambertsLabelle

    No nomination for "young artist",not for "record of the year",,but a song called ""... And "best male VOCALS" goes to Bruno M. ????Whats the matter with people! At the interviews first pushed into a small frame cause Bieber appeared in the elevator..then rolled over by JLo who looked straight though him (what was THAT!) and then left behind because of SEAL.... Theres no better sports than him. At least he got lots of shoulderpads and handshakes by his artistcollegs..

  • LambertsLabelle

    you have a point here... AMERICA didn t get it wrong,the Grammy-comitee did.Driven by the masses..I dont know!When you observe all te Grammy-conversations,-press,-buzz, was a desicion between Adam and MJ.Bruno Mars was not even menchioned. BEST male vocal IS Adam Lambert,theres no way somebody else top his vocal capacity and range!

  • LambertsLabelle

    This man can wear a potatoe-sack and still work it out!!!!! Innerbeauty and outerbeauty hand in hand!!! We are so proud of you!!!!

  • mimiMH

    Easily the Best Dressed Most Handsome & Best Attitude there should be a Grammy for that. He knew going in that he was snubbed; not asked to perform, or present, or even that his category was going to be announced on the show. Still he dressed immaculately; groomed perfectly, nothing too flashy but still Glam, and showed up with a smile and friendly, open attitude. Adam has no peer in terms of voice and he will slowly win over those who won't give him the time of day for whatever reason. He is a force to be reckoned with; a CLASS ACT.

  • Gabriella Szőlősi Gerőcs
    Gabriella Szőlősi Gerőcs

    Adam is perfect, amazing, gorgeous and beautiful.

  • KarenB

    Just. Perfect.

  • jamiee

    This picture is just drop dead gorgeous stunning classy and hot. I think Adam Lambert may be the best dressed person of the evening. Too bad he didn't have the opportunity to show what he does best. Amazing style.

  • AdamssAngel

    There was no other man on that entire Red Carpet that I wanted to see except Adam Lambert, no other artist I wanted to win, no other person who can ever compare to this man with his otherworldly beauty and intense masculinity. Thank you, Mr. Conn, for your perfect insight into Adam's fashion sense, and your graceful words of praise for the only iconic star worthy of the name..

  • ali4adam

    Adam is a magnificent man, as gorgeous as he is talented. As capable as he is caring. Just wish the judging panel had recognized vocal ability when they heard it. Despite the nod to another singer, Clive Davis felt so strongly about Adam's talent and future that he made a point of complimenting him in a room of industry folks yesterday. Adam really has no peer. Unfortunately, the music business is driven by the masses while Adam's voice transcends all the crap that passes for music and entertainment today. But I know he will be recognized eventually.

  • Michele

    Adam is a gorgeous man. And he is an amazing artist, the best singer I've ever heard. I agree, this outfit was perfect, sexy, glam, and I love the open shirt!

  • Sophie

    He looks hot!!!

  • Lock

    Looking gorgeous and classy. He is so fashionable and handsome!

  • Roni

    Gorgeous, gorgeous man! Also the best singer to have ever walked the earth! Too bad the voters are all deaf!!

  • Nina

    Stunningly gorgeous man. <333

  • DANA Martin
    DANA Martin


  • Lissy

    Dayum, he looks srsly hott. I love that jacket and those necklaces and rings are kinda fascinating, they make me wanna look closer.

  • Niki

    A beautiful man for sure--most exciting person on the red carpet, I agree.