Beyonce: Best Dressed at 2012 Met Gala

  • Beyonce: Best Dressed at 2012 Met Gala
"The Most Beautiful Woman in the World wears a stunning sheer black dress cascading into black and blue ombre feathers proving this girl really does run the world!" Art Conn raves about Queen B.
Source: Getty Images
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  • Madeline

    The dress is pretty and her hair looks good but I can see her body shaper and she should have worn something more appropriate for having just given birth.

  • Addry

    It some how reminds me of The Adams family, its so ugly how can they name this one of the best dresses, she could have done way better

  • Bonnie Klein
    Bonnie Klein

    If she was Cher and this was 1972 and Bob Mackie had designed it we could talk. It is TERRIBLE!

  • Zabou

    I like the dress but not on her

  • Ashley

    This dress is ugly, plain and simple. She is a beautiful woman, but her fashion sense isn't as remarkable as her body.

  • Alex Kad
    Alex Kad

    She hasn't ideal shape,which had before pregnancy.And I think she made the wrong choice.

  • Alex Kad
    Alex Kad

    I guess,because this is Beyonce...that's all !)

  • pump

    are u joking?! this dress is so freaking ugly! the bottom part is just tacky as, why is this on the best dressed list?