Best Dressed Celebs at 2012 Grammy Awards

  • Best Dressed Celebs at 2012 Grammy Awards
Soulful singer Adele is looking super slim and fabulous at the 2012 Grammys in a black shimmering Giorgio Armani gown.
Source: Getty Images
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  • Avi

    You obviously have no ear for talent because she's amazing.

  • Kas

    Beautiful. Classy. Amazing. Good for you Adele, you deserved every one of those Grammy's. :)

  • Shauna Harrelson
    Shauna Harrelson

    It's a toss up when the 'comment' section is used....Between freedom of speech (it's not called positive only comments) and disagreements at said freedom, I think it all goes until you get to the people that attack commenters in a racial downgrading way, etc. We will never have everyone agreeing with us and out personal take on things. Just sayin.....

  • Lana Irons
    Lana Irons

    Welp you just pretty much told the world what a moron you are!

  • Stacy

    I don't understand you people. I listened to her sing accapela and she is horrible. Raspy voice from smoking, doesn't finish her words and she warbles at the wrong time. She SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stacy

    All that is needed to complete the look is a paper bag to go over her head to hide that face.

  • totallymoi

    No kidding! She has so much talent that she doesn't need to resort to acting/dressing like a cheap slut (unlike like rihanna, gaga, britney spears and their ild). She's as beautiful as her lovely voice!

  • Mamasan

    It's not daring or bold but it suits her style and her body. Lovely.

  • sillysadie

    It's good to see someone keeping their boobies under wraps!

  • Kassy

    It's nice but its done before, old Hollywood. Not a best dressed.

  • Hajar Bessal
    Hajar Bessal

    I JUST ADOOORE Adele!<3