Blake Lively arrives at the 61st

  • Blake Lively arrives at the 61st
Blake Lively arrives at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards held at the Nokia Theatre on September 20, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.
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  • stef

    What's up with the people hating on Blake so much? The dress looks good on her. I'm not a fan of the hair too but stop hating. Just accept that your Leighton is in the worst dressed.

  • gryt

    That is not Emmy-worthy hair.

  • eznira

    oh o.k i get it....horrible hair!

  • faith

    Blake for Best Dressed!! stop complaining people..... although i agree, im not too fond of the hair..

  • Cara

    who did that braid? that's horrible. if her hair couldn't handle a braid they shouldn't have bothered. i hope she didn't do it herself and think that it would work. agreeing with WHATEVERRR -- it should have been in glamour messy bun or left down.

  • lil

    yeah she is acting like serena ..!! she is not a best dress !! please come on ..!!

  • whateverrr

    I love the dress - she looks sooo good in it! But i don't like the hair... like what is it? A last minute touch? If it was down or in a glamour messy bun she would've top the charts! Love Blake Lively, such a beautiful actress, and great role model... :)

  • my_tee_mouse

    Best dressed? You're kidding, right?