She s even rocking a fresh

  • She s even rocking a fresh
She's even rocking a fresh face with a serious smile. What got into you K. Stew?
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  • bla

    omg she's got yellow teeth just look closer !!it's not because of her pale face!this is disgusting

  • Valery

    yeah, she is so cute) really pretty smile^^

  • crmomof2

    When she smiles, she is lovely.

  • lizbizz11

    Woah, Biggest smile Ive ever seen on Kristen.

  • wow

    Her roots are growing in

  • fsfsdg

    I think that Rob got into her XD

  • RobstenLover

    Kristen is so beautifull! X. RobstenLover

  • Erin

    I think her teeth just look yellow because she is really pale. If she were a little more tan than they would look white. But all in all, she's gorgeous!

  • cate

    Did she start taking anti-depressents? Not trying to start a rumor or anything, but she just all of a sudden starting seeming a lot more relaxed and happy and confident. Or maybe she just decided to be herself and no care about what people thought. Regardless, I like that she is happier and seems more confident. She is a real person which is refreshing when you look at her peers in Hollywood.


    I agree with sara... She has a pretty smile...

  • sara

    she's got yellow teeth. oh please shut up she's so beautiful and cute you can hate her and it's your opinion but don't say stupid things

  • ambra

    she's got yellow teeth.