Best Oscar Fashion of All Time

  • Best Oscars Dresses of All Time: Gwyneth Paltrow
Remember this dress? Gwyneth Paltrow became the fashion princess of Hollywood when she attended the 1999 Oscars in this beautiful pink gown by Ralph Lauren.
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  • Katherine

    seriously? this is famous for being one of the WORST Oscar dresses. So badly fitted !

  • Rach

    I don't think the paleness of the pink goes with her pale skin.

  • Musliha Ajmain Janssen
    Musliha Ajmain Janssen

    Ya, the dress would have been nicer on someone with a bit more flesh. GP is just too skinny for this - she looks like, yes, a senior going to the prom.

  • sona

    she looks like a cheap barbie, it isn't cute or pretty at all

  • sona

    it's not pretty or cute at all! she looks like a cheap Barbie

  • momof3

    she should wear a dress that accentuates her, um, thin frame...that dress exaggerates it. Plus, IT'S WRINKLED.

  • Anne

    WHY just WHY do people say its one of the best oscar dresses of all time . look at it its ugly esp on her