Best Oscar Dresses of All Time: Emily Blunt

  • Best Oscar Dresses of All Time: Emily Blunt
She may not be a household name like Gwyneth but Emily Blunt proved that she was a serious fashion force when she walked the ed carpet at the 2007 Oscars in a flawless navy blue gown by Calvin Klein.
Source: Getty Images
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  • E

    Tell me about it! Some of the best outfits have been ruined by horrendous shoes and some of the most unlikely dresses have been saved by GREAT shoes!

  • E

    Aww...I'm blushing! :p

  • sona

    i agree with E, but why don't you put the pictures from top to down?? we can't see the shoes! of anybody!

  • Anne

    seriously dude you rock !

  • E

    I love Emily! And her dress is just gorgeous, like her. She's like a better version of Katy Perry. (If you haven't noticed the smilarities between these two...I don't know what to say)