Best Oscar Dresses of All Time: Sharon Stone

  • Best Oscar Dresses of All Time: Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone made a bold fashion statement when she walked the red carpet at the 1998 Oscars in a lilac Vera Wang skirt and a cheap white button-down shirt from The Gap. Talk about mixing high and low!
Source: Getty Images
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  • Michael William
    Michael William

    hey its a foreign tom selleck look alike

  • E

    It's something even my GRANDMOTHER would shudder at. I'm afraid the writer needs a refresher course on the Oscars and how long the ceremony has been around.

  • momof3

    to be looks like one of those 'I had nothing to wear so I'm wearing this' type of outfits...NOT oscar-worthy...TACKY

  • momof3

    this title is all wrong. the oscars have been arond longer than a couple decades. I seriously doubt the outfits you picked are the best EVER. There was a time when fashion truly meant something.

  • Anne

    to me i think your just showing the best actresses of all time who came to the oscars not best dressed . and i dont mean that comment for her just saying