Pop Star Mariah Carey arrives at

  • Pop Star Mariah Carey arrives at
Pop Star Mariah Carey arrives at her private Halloween party at The Collection October 31, 2003 in London, England.
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  • Oblaadee

    Is there a dude hiding behind her? It looks as if he is holding onto her boobs from behind with glittery gloves. See the seams where the fingers would be? HA!

  • shezaprincess


  • sydsouth

    * slut alert..woo--wooooo!!* =}

  • the shark
    the shark

    this was six years ago, she is fat in 2009

  • NedHead

    hello boobs

  • Jamie

    I think she looks FABULOUS for he age!

  • loveystar

    Why is everyone hating on Mariah? If you look(ed) like that at her age (which is NOT old) you might wear something like that too. You all probably should be worrying about your own body image & self confidence than hers. I do like this but it's not that much for Halloween, kind of an off the wall mermaid. LOL She is gorgeous!!!

  • thehell1erbuzz

    She really needs to dress appropriately for her age. Yea it's a Halloween costume but she needs to cover herself up for once.

  • Beautiful Disaster
    Beautiful Disaster

    Her old azz needs to stop showing everything! I think she is having a midlife crisis!!!

  • reneelucky7

    I actually like this one- but it would of been better if she wore it at a sea side resort, or some where warm. It looks horribly out of season. Everyone else is covered up.

  • pb and j
    pb and j

    revealing much (hooker much)