WORST Nicki Minaj David

  • WORST  Nicki Minaj  David
WORST: Nicki Minaj. David says: "Her dress looks like a massive attack on her otherwise great body."
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  • nikki914

    i hate it 2 much goin on color n different color is wack

  • z

    That's a horrible thing to say about Lady Gaga! Even SHE would never be caught dead in this dress!

  • Trish

    who in their right mind would wear this Lady Gaga! Oh, that's right, you said "who in their right mind"....So I don't have an answer. LOL :P

  • cocoacola606

    uh.. no. no no no no NO. this is an offencce to fashion

  • itsbroooker

    who in their right mind would wear this

  • sue sue
    sue sue

    loveeee d hair but idk wats going on 4 dis dress r shud i say costume

  • noah

    I just had a seizure looking at this dress.