Worst Dressed: 2011

  • Worst Dressed: 2011
5. Miley Cyrus: Over the past year, Miley’s choices in fashion have been questionable. With unflattering cuts and strange prints, we think Miley needs a new stylist.
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  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    here we go again wit my post gettin chopped & screwed !!! lOl

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    this is b.s. she looks great & the dress is pretty.

  • Selma

    And why isn't Courtney Stodden on the top of this list??

  • Selma

    Maybe not her best outfit, but generally she looks good!

  • girlgirl

    If she killed the choker necklace and let down some lose strands of hair, this outfit would have looked nice. The styling makes it look old school... styled right, it would have looked classier.

  • maryamcullen

    It's not that bad.

  • Katie

    Am I the only one who likes what she wears? She has a rocker-chic look. Oh well.

  • gagaaaaa

    Umm I like this dress. WTF?

  • alexa

    That dress can't be tamed