Best Dressed: 2011

  • Best Dressed: 2011
1. Lady Gaga: This fashionista has access to the most elaborate creations and talented designers in the world. (This dress is Chanel...made specifically for her.) Combine that privilege with the genius that is Mother Monster, and you get the best dressed celeb of 2011.
Lady Gaga ribbon cutting at the Barney's opening of GaGa's Workshop in New York City
Source: Splash News
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  • dskdjk

    Are you related to that bitch by the name of "courtneybaaaby"? JW

  • dskdjk

    Shut up Bitch-tine. Nobody fucking cares about your stupid comments

  • dskdjk

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  • dskdjk

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  • opal

    Stop trying to change our fucking opinions! WE CAN IDOLIZE HER IF WE WANT. So go back to drinking your own piss...

  • opal

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  • lori

    Ummm. Sure. Yeah. Whatever you say. #brainwashed.

  • leo

    Omg guys if you dont like her why comment? Your only wasting part of your life on an ignorant comment. Its like me I dont like the kardashians, so why would i ever hate on them on the internet?

  • Selma

    Stop being such haters..

  • maryamcullen

    you're absolutely right, her music video doesn't have any positive image..

  • zara

    best comment.

  • Christine

    and for the record Cbuzz after i saw lady gaga first on the list for best dressed.. i could not even look at the rest..your taste is all in your A**es

  • Christine

    your most likely just as ignorant for liking wow..all u dumbasses that play into that gaga shit..she is so fake its ridic..and her clothes look like they come from a 7th grade play..GROSS

  • Christine

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  • wow

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  • Lauren

    People are so brainwashed... she is not FASHION. She is not BEST DRESSED. Open up your eyes... see what she really is about and stop living in a fantasy world. Ever seen her music videos? If you think they are normal and send a postive image then do some research. She is not what she seems. Stop idolizing people like her and get on with your life..

  • gagaaaaa

    STFU ugly ass hoe I bet you wish you were Gaga! BITCH

  • brikate13

    She looks amazing! It's just she wears it to places not meant for it... She dresses pretty well just that the places she wears them to make it look weird therefore people don't like it.

  • alexa

    Best dressed? what a joke..