Best Dressed: 2011

  • Best Dressed: 2011
5. Kristen Stewart: This Twilight starlet used to be criticized for her awkwardness on the red carpet, but that Kristen is long gone! She has been looking better than ever and this has to be her best look to date.
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  • dumbledore

    LOL that is too funny!! awkward, cause she does get to choose her outift. her stylist picks something out for her and if she doesn't like it she can say no, she does have a mouth you know. she looks stunning :]

  • lori

    Is she proffering her leg like a side of ham? Pretty, but weird, gangly and always looks stoned. This is the worst best-dressed list I have ever seen.

  • SoniaR

    You must be joking, right? There is a dozen of people who dress her up for such events, it's not Kristen's merit AT ALL

  • crystalhope

    For those who can't read: you can't say that she brings it on red red carpet, cause it's not her who chooses dress, make up and so on if she stays low key 24/7. And it's not about being fashion maniac - if you have your personal style it is obvious wherever you go (office or date), and I'm not talking about sneakers with evening gown for God's sake

  • ellen17

    I LOVE HER STYLE, She is gorgeous and she wears what she wants, what she feels comfortable and happy in. Kristen is my fashion icon. xxx

  • tiredofdumbbarbies

    your comment is stupid and it does not make sense. You probabley still believe that girls should wear pink and boys blue correct?? LOL you suck! She is allowed to be herself when she is not working. She brings it when she is on the red carpet and that is all she needs to do. Just like anyone with a job; I don't wear my office attire when I am at home or walking around town. Don't you see this young womans does not give a Sh***t at what people like you say she is not a slave to fashion. This is what makes her even more attractive to her fans. Stop spreading your stupid robotics ways that women have to walk around all dress up in the name of fashion. I hope Kristen never changes she is what girls needs to see now days.

  • n

    she's not best dresses she's ok

  • crystalhope

    I should say she looks suppa cool and classy only on red carpet. If you say "I don't give a sh.. what I wear" and dress in t-shirts with rolled up sleeves and dirty sneakers on a daily basis, why don't you wear same clothes 4 Saga's premieres? If you're called "Best dressed", this should apply 2 all sides of your life, for example - Victoria Beckham

  • brikate13

    The best she has every dressed!