Better Off Blonde: Demi Lovato

  • Better Off Blonde: Demi Lovato
Which celebs are better blonde? Click the pics and decide for yourself!
Source: Twitter/INFDaily
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  • Anna Maria Cárcamo
    Anna Maria Cárcamo

    brunette definitely

  • raae

    not being mean, i agree with your comment fullyi just was telling you to look it up, but in a nice way hahas :]

  • raae

    a chav is british slang, look it up.

  • Trish Roddy
    Trish Roddy

    wtf is a chav? you sound ridiculos and jealous, u shldnt be telling aother people to grow up when u sound like a kid yourself. . . demi is beautiful and u know it. . . she obviously is not self obsessed she selfconcious really you need to move on miss ughhh

  • xoxoKourtneyyy

    is that really necessary? and if taking pictures of herself and posting them online makes her self-obsessed then so is about 90% of Earth's population. Not liking somebody does not give you the excuse or right to talk badly about them on a subject you clearly aren't even very well informed abut. Maybe she does look silly blonde but isn't that what life's about, taking chances, making mistakes and discovering who you are? also, before telling people to grow up, please make sure to do so yourself first.

  • angie

    Blonde she's only half she more white. It looks better. Red doesn't suit her.

  • ugh.

    can you not talk properly? use sound like an idiot and a chav. grow up, you're probably a silly little 12 year old girl with no common sense.

  • demilovatojassyfan

    u dnt have to tell us u jus gotta move on to da nxt pik goshh n jus cuz u take alot of piks doesnt mean ur self obsessed

  • richellerichie

    I love her most as a brunette. The blonde looks glam though.

  • anne

    dark hair is better for latina

  • tim

    shut up.

  • ugh.

    God she annoys me so much! must she always take pictures of herself and post them online? her pose is stupid. talk about self-obsessed. her hair looks silly blonde it does not suit her.

  • miss.rouso

    love the red but the blonde is beautiful on her

  • hera


  • xmaarr97

    Demi you are beautiful .. <3

  • Esther Kuperus
    Esther Kuperus

    Ja leuk staat goed Vriendelijke Groetjes Esther Kuperus

  • Adriana Brasil
    Adriana Brasil

    Dem Dem Beautiful!!

  • Romina Benvenuto
    Romina Benvenuto

    Yes, much better