Better Off Blonde: Emma Stone

  • Better Off Blonde: Emma Stone
Which celebs are better blonde? Click the pics and decide for yourself!
Source: Splash News Online, Getty Images
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  • Anna Maria Cárcamo
    Anna Maria Cárcamo


  • Lindsay Gunderson
  • anne

    maybe red?

  • Romina Benvenuto
    Romina Benvenuto

    Red hair :)

  • Nastia Kolimasmile
    Nastia Kolimasmile

    blonde hair plus TAN looks unnatural on her

  • danielleakame

    she is a natural blond so....? yeah. i do think she looks better as a red head. i hardly ever say that! (maybe because i know it is fake and she really has a soul) she is hot either way

  • sona

    she looks older with blond hair, but still pretty

  • rasha

    both colors look gorgeous on her