Courteney Cox Better With Age

  • Courteney Cox Better With Age
Courteney Cox has admitted to trying botox, but she still looks fabulous.
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  • Joanna Drogokupiec
    Joanna Drogokupiec

    maybye she looks better, but she had improve few or more things.

  • Melissa Missy-g Griffin
    Melissa Missy-g Griffin

    She looks just as pretty as she did then.

  • Jamie Lieb
    Jamie Lieb

    I think her and Demi are Love them both

  • sona

    she's a woman :D i mean she's gorgeous

  • ugh

    ehh she really looks exactly the same too me and idk i think she satyed the same

  • liannnna.

    gorgeous .

  • sin

    Nope. Much prettier younger. She likes the Hollywood preservation style of Botox too much.

  • Marianne

    Thats not getting better with the age...when she looks so plastic now.

  • Geek P. Boy
    Geek P. Boy

    Courtney Cox was beautiful...kkk