Sarah Jessica Parker Better With Age

  • Sarah Jessica Parker Better With Age
Sarah Jessica managed to tame her curly mane, and looks just as good (if not better) than she did in the 80s.
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  • hihihi

    I think she was always a cutie. There is more to people than looks. So much negativity in this post. Wow

  • sayimsha

    Without makeup, Sarah Jessica Parker is FAR from easy on the eyes.

  • mr ed
    mr ed

    why does that horse have such a curly mane in the first picture?

  • Jamie Lieb
    Jamie Lieb

    Bleh..this woman is hideous

  • sin

    OMG!!! She is just HIDEOUS!!! She wasn't much to look at years ago but now she is fuc*ing ugly.

  • ugh

    she was always but ugly

  • sin

    WRONG!!! She has most definately gotten MUCH uglier. How could anyone think she looks better? Just because you wear expensive clothes doesn't make your sorry appearance beter.