'Real Housewives' and Their Plastic Surgery

  • 'Real Housewives' and Their Plastic Surgery
Camille Grammer has breast implants and has used Botox.
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  • Penelope

    Uhhh, that looks horrible.

  • claudialimon

    the booobs :|

  • wow

    Ew. Just ewwwwww.

  • beca P.
    beca P.

    Comille is a total whack job! yea that she helped Kelsey get sober, but yes, on the show you could tell he couldn't stand to be around the slut. Oh,has she messed around in bed with Nick?

  • Chane

    She is probably the one that will stay on the show because she is nuts. I can't imagine response to Kelsey's new girl. Genuine Nut case. Looks a hot mess and thinks she is better and more preserved than the rest of the crew. She almost always talks like she speaking to an idiot or a mental patient.

  • Latasha

    Why does the name, 'Cannonball Atterly' keep popping into my head?

  • yojiggy

    Jesus. She's just scary all around. She's on meds-absolute, total dipsh*t. You can hear it in her voice...get a life