Kim Cattrall is finally wearing something

  • Kim Cattrall is finally wearing something
Kim Cattrall is finally wearing something age appropriate. From the panicked look on her face, she's realizing she's old.
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  • bethany fith ellis
    bethany fith ellis

    hello kim i was hoping if you would break up with Steve Kocz

  • rasha

    i dnt like this 2 piece bikini... i would prefer one piece bikini... and yes everyone get old... u will one day people.. she still look great

  • Saara Carby
    Saara Carby

    she looks better than me in a bikini! i like the retro pants look!

  • chris

    she looks anorexic - look at her ribs sorry - this was just a joke

  • brookemaureen

    shes beautiful!!

  • dnt

    what are ya in the 50's?

  • jolie

    lady you are too old to be wearing a two piece weird looking bikini.plz act like your old age and date old guys.anyways....have fun trying to be young again.

  • vpopadiuc87
  • Christie Jean
    Christie Jean

    This was taken while she was filiming the Sex & the City movie. Unless she got to keep the clothes and wore the same exact outfit and all. The panicked look in the movie was because her dog ran away, by the way.

  • kombizz

    She is very old

  • whydoineedanametomakeacomment

    No sex in that city tonight

  • dsiufgdiqowyhgw

    her bottoms r jacked up.

  • kjkj

    If u dont see the billy button in a bakini y were 1

  • mraniston

    sweeeeet oufit