Bikini-Clad Courtney Stodden Hunts for Easter Eggs

  • Bikini-Clad Courtney Stodden Hunts for Easter Eggs
Bikini-clad Courtney Stodden takes a journey through the woods on an Easter hunt for vegetables. Unfortunately, Courtney's car breaks down after the shoot and the teen bride had to change the spark plug of her car.
Source: Coleman-Rayner
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  • uraloser

    Totally agree! It's a damn good laugh, and makes you feel even better about your own life. Looks to me like she is about to pee here!

  • beatles64

    It's for the people like me that just.. can't... look.. away.... It's like seeing a horrible car accident - it's horrific but you just can't stop looking.

  • Krista Keller
    Krista Keller

    seriously? 30 (in words: thirty) pics of that travesty??? Celebuzz, you're Courtney little bitch, right?

  • Famous Plastic
    Famous Plastic

    I always change my spark plugs spread eagle. (There is no way this girl knows where a spark plug even is, let alone diagnosed and fixed her own car...)