Bikini-Clad Courtney Stodden Hunts for Easter Eggs

  • Bikini-Clad Courtney Stodden Hunts for Easter Eggs
Bikini-clad Courtney Stodden takes a journey through the woods on an Easter hunt for vegetables. Unfortunately, Courtney's car breaks down after the shoot and the teen bride had to change the spark plug of her car.
Source: Coleman-Rayner
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  • Makiko

    While these posts are amusing/painful/terrifying, I worry that there's so much poinstg about her occurring that it will give her pitch for an MTV reality show some credibility that it doesn't quite deserve.

  • Mimi

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  • warrior goddess
    warrior goddess

    If she ever does shot quarters out her ass, I got to admit, I would probably watch that. Come on! Its quarters!!!! Out an ass! Now, that's entertainment.

  • Carla

    This kid should give it up and go back to school. She has done everything short of standing in time square naked shooting quarters out of her ass for attention. Nobody cares. Give it up. Go back to school and get an education. Maybe you will have a shot at a decent life.