#1: Justin Bieber

  • #1: Justin Bieber
Any way you slice it, Justin Bieber is at the top of the underage set, and in 2011 he gracefully takes our 21 Under 21 crown from now-21-year-old Taylor Swift. Although the Biebs hasn't released a proper album since "My World 2.0" in March 2010, the pop superstar has spent the past year essentially releasing everything else imaginable: an acoustic album, a 3D movie, a memoir, a new fragrance, a singing doll, and a lock of his hair, which became a hot item on eBay. Next up is a Christmas release, an insanely anticipated new album, and more time spent with pop star girlfriend Selena Gomez in between award shows and sold-out arena concerts. It's Justin Bieber's world -- we're just living in it. - Billboard.com
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  • fareeha

    so true :) you almost wrote my words :P except USHER Is the main reason for justins fame

  • hihu

    Hate him, gay, he doesn't deserve so much fame. and I'M NOT JELOUS i just don't like him. deal with it, it's my FUCKING OPINION.