#2 Justin Bieber

  • #2 Justin Bieber
#2 Justin Bieber
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  • rainbowpanda

    YAY he made #2 which he actually deserved #1

  • teish18

    umm i got a great idea for all of you haterz. dont look at his pictures if you dont like him, thats a very simple solution. i love justin and im sick of people who dont appreciate his talent. get over your selfs and get a life that doesnt involve bashing justin bieber when hes better than you will ever be. thanks have a great day.

  • Jasdan

    You guys r so mean. Come on. His only doin what he loves and as he keeps making music and putting himself out there, its really up to the ones who watch him that makes him famous and popular. I think you guys r just jealous.

  • psychokittyd

    i hate that someone who looks exactly like my gay-ass ex bf is taking over the music world. is pretty sad.

  • Uno

    hey guys don't be to harsh on him......face it he can sing!!!

  • jessifa

    he has talent guys.love his voice

  • Me,Us,You.

    Don't diss the bieber, just cuz you aint him. xx

  • ilovenoah

    What a great idea! Instead of killing him,I could just shave him! Thanks Sophie!

  • sophie1986

    I REEEAAALLLLLY want to shave Justin Bieber’s head. It’s not a weird fetish or anything, I just hate his hair. Well, and I like to shave stuff.

  • annabannana56

    Yep...That's him..or her. The PussyFication of American society.