Bing Ranks Most Searched Celebs for 2010

  • Bing Ranks Most Searched Celebs for 2010
1. Kim Kardashian. The lovely Kim was not only the #1 people search on, she was also the top overall search! "I’m really honored (and a little shocked) and thankful to you all for always supporting me," Kim wrote on her personal blog.
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  • Anastasia

    Ramshackle fleet ~ my foot! What a fascinating coolcetiln you are assembling. Is it true that the shoes of this time were not crafted for left or right feet, but interchangeable? I was touring a museum in the Hudson Valley with period dressed docents and upon admiring one's shoes was told how very uncomfortable they were for this reason. The buckles are indeed gorgeous and so is your photo styling. With your talent, I have no doubt you could fashion a wonderful display that could still be interactive. ~jermaine~

  • stazzieable

    hate her!

  • Norah

    will u eva get 2 see this i love all the KARDASHAINS U GUYS ARE BLESSED. i will give any thing 2 be 1 of you but thats not gonna happen... kisses 2 baby MADISON

  • micael

    elle es tro belle cette fille

  • ramirez775

    i love kim shes so sexy!!!!

  • Natasha

    Helo ! I'm from Poland and I love her. She's so pretty and sexy. She be with Kenye West and I love him too. He's stronger and him voise is so sexy. Ohh I dream abaut I sleep with him,he is so sexy. Ok abaut Kim is very funy and interected.I'm watching 'Keeping up with the kardashian' and this is my favoutites programes. Her younger sister are very funy too and beautiful. I love her and Kenye west !