Boy Bands Through Time: The Beatles

  • Boy Bands Through Time: The Beatles
Though calling The Beatles a boy band may approach blasphemy, the Fab Four did pave the way for boy bands to come, establishing conventions like matching each band member with a stereotype: think the "cute" one and the "quiet" one. In addition, they influenced the musical style of modern boy bands by laying down some of the catchiest, most hook-laden tunes in all of pop music. To be fair, nearly every genre of music takes from The Beatles -- it's just that the boy band genre is one of the easiest to trace back to them.
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  • kery

    i loveeeee them i like almost all their songs yeahhhhh!!!!

  • amy

    Not a fan.. i'd rather listen to some real rock n roll

  • lea

    Greatness, Amazing, Genius, Real Talent...did i miss anything?

  • diana

    I've always loved them and I always will.

  • annabannana56

    The Beatles. Do I even know music before Beatles? Best band ever.