5-29-10 Malibu CA Brad

  • 5-29-10 Malibu  CA  Brad
5-29-10 Malibu, CA Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie enjoy a party with friends in Malibu, CA. Brad sucked on a margarita and was close to Angelina while Pax and Maddox spent some time on the beach in the water.
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  • Jennsfriend31

    She is not dressed right for a beach party...........why is she hiding under that ugly hat and even uglier black outfit. You would never catch Jenn Aniston dressed like this on the beach. Brad, what were you thinking leaving Jenn for Angelina, I bet you have a load of regrets. Can't wait to read Andrew Morton's book about Angelina.........the truth will finally be revealed , Angelina acts like a saint but is really a devil in disguise.