Britney Spears Flaunts Fuller Figure On Stage in London

  • Britney Spears Flaunts Fuller Figure On Stage in London
Britney Spears takes to the stage at the O2 on her Femme Fatale Tour in London, England on October 27, 2011.
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  • darlingtess71

    brit is still great having 2 kids and still hot looking..

  • Nicole

    I like Britney, but this pic makes it look like her belly is flopping over her shorts, but it must be a bad angle. she's got some nice muscles in her legs!

  • lindsay

    i agree with nic-i also think its just a bad angle. i saw britney on the femme fatale tour a few months ago and she looked GREAT! do you know what's crazy? just like mmm88 said, i saw a magazine recently that said britney was in the best shape of her life! so which is it? i guess it really doesn't matter because britney looks PHENOMINAL for having 2 kids! period. if she gains a few pounds, so what? she IS human, after all. ive always thought brit had one of the nicest bodies ive ever seen and i still think that.

  • SC

    I like Brit and am very disappointed. For the most part, these cheap-looking costumes are far more trailer-trash than femme fatale. The bedazzled cut-offs look like something she'd wear to Target.

  • Nic

    Give her a break! It's a bad angle, look at the rest of the pictures.

  • Michelle Myers McDaniel
    Michelle Myers McDaniel

    Hopefully she will rethink that outfit when she looks at these pictures.

  • MMM88

    What's going on? I thought she got back into shape. I'm confused.

  • Bernadette Afan
    Bernadette Afan

    can't believe this . :(

  • Bernadette Afan
    Bernadette Afan

    what happen .. :(

  • pamela

    omg!! iuu!!