Britney Spears is All Smiles in London

  • Britney Spears is All Smiles in London
Britney Spears outside the KISS FM radio studios London, England
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  • Sarah Jane Lim
    Sarah Jane Lim

    im so glad she looks so happy now. no more stress for her!!!!<3

  • Dean Hajas
    Dean Hajas

    Thank you so much Britney for picking up my 2001 smash hit "Slave 4 You". Mutt Lange really did a massive and brilliant job on Michael Dean Hajas song. I can't thank the people of SONY / BMG / ZOMBA enough. Over 89 million sales of my copy written hit with One Sky Publishing. Howard Stringer and Gary Wade Leak, have been "Right On the Money" about supporting me as a Canadian artist. Your gonna love my latest creations for sure, working title "Truth, Dare" also copy written by One Sky Publishing / SOCAN / CIPO 2011. To bad though about Eric Lavine, I'm sure he'll find work for someone. Talk later. Dean Hajas, Producer/Engineer/Writer

  • miranda

    and ur mouth is too big but nobody points that out!Britney you're flawless

  • danielleakame

    her boobies are too big for this shirt...