Britney Spears Most Risque Outfits

  • Britney Spears Most Risque Outfits
2000 MTV Video Music Awards
Source: Getty Images
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  • HannahB

    She looked amazing that night!

  • Alex

    it's a costume, not a gown for a beauty pagent...relax dude.

  • Steve Gaston-Atkins
    Steve Gaston-Atkins

    The day after the show aired all America could talk about was this outfit. Now, that's how Britney makes history!

  • courtneybaaaby

    i have to say, she always wears ugly outfits haha

  • Britta

    2000 MTV Video Awards. It was the first time I was allowed up to watch the award show (I was like - 10) and it'll always be my favorite Britney performance.

  • Diane Naletich
    Diane Naletich

    What year is this pic?